My Help

The Help pages I have put together has taken me a long time to sort out and design in a nice fashion for you, so your thanx would be greatly appriated. I ask you not to take my riding levels and help pages without asking me first, to ask me either PM me on howrse or post in the contact me which goes right to my email, so include your howrse name so i can PM you and tell you my answer.

If the writing is in this colour then it is a link so go ahead and click on it who knows where it'll take you



I play on howrse almost every day i'm obsessed so i have set up this site to help you out. Fist of all i am only 13 therefor i don't want unkind or rude behavior on my site. I don't have a horse but you may see some photo's of a cute white (grey) horse arround the site he is Smokey my fave horse at the stables I ride at weekly (meca) but i am loaning him over summer so I am going to get very attached, here are some pics of .... My two dogs Molly and Yarah, my cat Jynxie, my Rabbit Cleo, my Fish Monty and Polly but i don't think there are pics of the rabbit and fish :( there is also some pics of horses at my stables.....Smokey - the white horse, Archie - the piebald, Chelsea - the dappleish one.