Yes I do Make layouts, i have just worked it out it has taken me great lengths of time to work out when i allready knew some html coding!!!!!!
to learn how to make a layout and get any of my ready made layouts go to my new site that is currently incompleat along with this one.

My Layout Site

PM me the following details if you want a layout;

The html of a Picture, if not i will chose

Breed of howrse you breed
Writing on the picture
Background Colour
How many text boxes

If you want scrolling text boxes
Anything else you want on it

Oh i forgot one thing they're FREE! To see ones that i have all ready made click the following links, I am only going to put the layouts i have made with html coding here but i have made many more that weren't with html but your layout would be made with html, so you can see what to expect.

1st Layout - Debarch's EQ Page

2nd Layout - A4Arabian's Profile

3rd Layout - Pslow afast's Profile

4th Layout - EmilyMillySilly147's Profile

5th Layout - Debarch's Profile