Promo Codes

HI1HP (Horn of Plenty)
HOP99 (Horn of Plenty)
HP33MB (Medusa's blood)
XXHORSEILLUST (random BM item, surprise)
HORSEANDPONY1 (random BM item, surprise)
YRXMAS (Medusa's blood)
HP22MB (Medusa's blood)
HI22MB (Medusa's blood)

These are all the WORKING codes, please be aware that some may be from previous months. Ill add new ones to the bottom of the list so the ones at the top may be for previous months but try them anyway. I am aware that HOP99 and HI1HP were Sept codes but these will work AGAIN.

How to enter a Promo Code

To enter a Promo Code you need to go to the passes page which you can see is highlighted green on the picture above. Click the passes tab on your own account it should take you to a page with info on your passes.


On the passes page you should see a box that looks like the one above here is where you enter the code. You simply type it in and press submit. You should then get a popup bubble that say you have won a ........... if the code was wrong it will say invalid code then you have either misspelt the code or you entered it in the wrong month, if so just try again when the time is right.