What is a Unicorwn

The horn on the Unicorwn gives a horse a +4 bonus in Dressage that is all that is special about a unicorwn so don't ask me why they cost so much because i don't know, another down side you can't put a golden apple or pegusus on a uni :(

To Get a Unicorwn

The first unis were won in a competition so the only way now to get a uni is to buy one to do that you need to be in posession of a few passes or lots of equeus to buy a unicorwn. You need to look through the private sale / auctions for a Unis in the breed that you want then with that selection you can sort out the horses that you can afford then when you find the perfect uni you can either buy it straight away or sort out a deal with the breeder.

To Care for a Unicorwn

To care for a unicorwn is very simple as it's the same as looking after a normal horse simple!

To Breed a Unicorwn

To breed a unicorwn you need to remember 3 simple points that you must do when breeding a unicorwn.

1. you must accept the covering at 6:23 am/pm GMT you have one minute to accept to covering

2. Both parents must be unis

3. Both parent must be the same breed

if you do all these things your foal only has a 1/6 chance in being a uni :(

when breeding a uni you can use fertilty wands and tears.