When you start the game you are given 2,000e to start you off and you need to know how to manage your money to last through your gaming and how to make more money to become one of the best. There are a number of ways to make money on this game. The secret is to not buy everyting you see or buy lots of horses it takes time to get all the money and horses.

Here is a few ways to make money:

1) First, make sure you take care of at least one horse each day so that you get paid for your job. Take your riding level tests as soon as you can so that you can get higher payed jobs and access different pages on howrse. Make sure you know when you can go onto he next job so you don't find your getting paid much less than you could be, as you can't stop working for someone untill your contract ends.

2) Once your horses are old enough, have them to two lessons each day as it brings you money and it gives them skills aswell. When choosing an EC make sure that it has relatively high lesson price about 19 is good any highe is a bonus.

3) Sell your dung and any spare apples or tunips you have, you can also credit any passes you have for money but best do that when you have loads of money.

4) Enter your horses in competitions, your horse will earn money from competitions even if they don't win, your horse will also earn skills from them.

5) Make coverings from your stallions. You are more likely to have these offers accepted after you have trainedyour horse and he's got positive blup. Advertise your horse in the reproduction forum so mares that want to be covered by your horse can PM you and then you can reserve a covering for that mare. If you have a mare you can find a good stallion then your mare can have a foal which you can then sell for money.

6) When you have about 4,000e you can start buying more horses tha have very good skills and genetics which you can then breed and then sell the foals, but it's up to you how much money you have when you start buying more horses it also depends how much the horse you are buying is.

7) when you have a horse that has good GP you can make it imortal so it will never die then you can train it so it's very high skilled and then sell it for loads, you can give them more black market items which will increase your horses value.


Passes can be used to buy horses or BM items you can buy them with money from you reseve every 30 days after your 50th day, sometimes they are ufos or you can get them from selling horses, you can also buy them with real money by calling, texting or using a credit card all which to use you must have permision.

1Pass = £1.50
10 passes = £8
20 Passes = £16

i advise you don't buy passes untill you've been on it a while and your going to keep playing, i only brought some at my 230th day when there was an offer on buy 20 get 5 freel. So it's also a good idea to wait for an offer.

These tips are guide lines but what you do is up to you as it is just a game so have fun.