Does My Horse have a Greenstar?

If a horse has a greenstar it will have a goldish star under the tab Excelence which is on the same box as the genetics information is but on a different tab. A greenstar means that the horse with the star particually good at the certain catagory that it is stared in, so here you can see this horse is a doubble star in stamina. So therefor it's good at Stamina.

Identify the Figgers?

Here is the genetics of a arab mare. You can see from the red boxed area that this horse is 3 stared in Stamina (a common skill for an arab), to know if a horse is stared or not you look at any of the figgers and if one is between;

100.00 - 109.99 then it will have one star
110.00 - 119.99 then it will have two stars
120.00 - 129.99 then it will have three stars

On this horse there is one figger that is above 100 which is in the Stamina catagory, as it is 120.73 it is a 3 star horse, if this horse was covered with the right horse it could produce anouther 3 star.

You can get horses that are stared in 2 catigories, for arabs it is Stamina and Dressage. All the working out is the same but rather than having one skill above 100 you would have 2.

Will my foal be stared?

Here are two doubble stared arab horses, to find out if the foal of these two horses will be stared: You add the highest figger, in this case the stamina, of the male and female horse, you divide by that figger by 2 to get the (Stamina) genetics of the foal.


Male = 116.14
Female = 118.63

116.14 + 118.63 = 234.77
234.77 divide by 2 = 117.385

so the foal will be 2 stared


Selling a Greenstar

The prices you would sell a greenstar for depends on how high the horses genetics, but most breeds of horses the GP is rising very rapidly so it's very hard to judge:

100.00 - 105.99 (Stamina) for 500e - 700e
105.00 - 109.99 (Stamina) for 500e - 700e
110.00 - 115.99 (Stamina) for 500e - 800e / 500e and 1 pass
115.00 - 119.99 (Stamina) for 500e - 900e / 500e and 1 pass
120.00 - 125.99 (Stamina) for 1000e - 5000e / 500e and 2-5 passes

126.00 - 130.99 (Stamina) for 2000e - 10000 / 500e and 4-10 passes

These are prices are for foals so prices will depend on BLUP and skills. A horses value will change in time. Like a car the older the modle it is the less it's worth, same with a horse so it's hard to judge.

Such as the horse above is 500e and 5 passes and it has 119.80 Stamina, 100 BLUP, 470+ skills, MA so higher than i said but the skills, BLUP and MA will increase the price. When selling a horse if you put open to offers then you can price the horse a little higher than you would so maybe someone will just buy it or someone will talk to you about the price and you may end up with a friend, breeding partner or maybe a trade that involves a uni! But it's compleatly up to you.