BLUP = Best Linear Unbias Prediction

BLUP is a measurement of your horse's skill level and achivements. The higher your BLUP is, the more GP and inborn skills gets passed onto the next generation. If you have two 100 BLUP horses, then the inborn skills will be about 70. If you have two horses with about 50 BLUP, they foal will have about 30 inborn skills. If both horses have a negative BLUP, no skills will be passed on to the foal. You could use tears to increase the inborn skills of your foal aswell. When your working out the GP of a foal and the horses aren't fully BLUP'ed, there is a higher chance of the GP being four points less than expected.

If your horses BLUP is negative it's because you haven't trained it enough, done enough rides or finished competitions, but to help you out, your horse gains a little BLUP everyday automatically up to the age of ten but once the horse reaches then it will stop gaining BLUP automatically.

Please Note: your horse must be atleast 10 to get 100 BLUP

Here is the breakdown of how to gain BLUP:

Your horse needs to gain 200 points to get full BLUP;
from -100 to +100 = 200 points

Your Horse Gains;
20 % of BLUP is gained each day upto age 10 = 40 points
65 % for all rides and training done in top 3 skills = 130 points
15 % for 20 victories = 30 points

= 200 points

Training in skills that are not the horse's top three don't gain BLUP, lessons don't help both but gains skills. After you have BLUPED your horse he will have about 630 skills

So rounded up, your horse needs to compleate training in your horses top 3 skills, he/she needs to finish rides (when your horse stops gaining skills from them is when they are finished), win 20 competitions and be over 10.

To find out the top 3 skills of your horses breed Click Here then click the breed of which your horse is and the 3 catagories with the most stars are your horses top 3 skills.

Getting 100 BLUP by the age of 10 (give and take)

Please don't copy this withouit credit you may of course reconise bits but i can assure you this isn't copied as i have just written it out myslef, as i said you may reconise bits as many people use the same methods unknowingly

after games are compleat give the nyx pack (you can do it with out and give ma as soon as poss but takes a fair amount of aging points or a coupple of weeks) and follow the following instructions for rides.
When in the box you want to find a blanket, saddle cloth, whip, a tub of grease. Lessons- if you want you can do lessons while blupping but your horse will reach 100 blup at about 16 ish (water of youth may be good if you wish to do lessons aswell)

i have not done it day by day as the weather is very dependent on the rides, weather etc... so continue with the scedual below until no skills are gained from the SHORT trot rides, you then start the gallop LONG rides, when no skill gain move onto LONG sloping land rides. These sceduals should leave your horse with about 20% energy lowest 16%.

groom / salt stone / carrot / 1 hr SHORT trot ride X3 / 5 hours box / 2 hrs meadow / water / stroke / feed as needed / 30mins SHORT trot ride / turnip

GALLOP RIDES- The last ride is optional depending on your horses energy
groom / salt stone/ carrot / 5 hrs LONG gallop rides / 4 hours box / 1hr 30mins meadow / stroke / water / feed as needed / 30mins SHORT gallop ride / turnip

SLOPING LAND RIDES-The last ride is optional depending on your horses energy
groom / salt stone / carrot / 5 hrs LONG sloping rides / 4 hours box / 1hour 30 mins meadow / stroke / water / feed as needed / 30mins SHORT sloping ride / turnip

once no more skill gain from sloping LONG, galloping LONG and troting SHORT all your rides are compleat so no need to do long trot, short gallop or sloping land as the skills are compleated in the other rides. By now you horse will be about 4-5 years old.
You can now start training if your horse doesn't have nyx pack I would give it a timer to speed up training. If you still haven't found the items in the box don't worry you have plenty of box time left.

salt stone / groom / carrot / training as much as you can till 0% energy / 3 hrs box / 2 hrs meadow / feed as needed / water / stroke / training run down to no less than 10% energy / turnip

where it says to train your horse, train it in one catagory untill it's compleat then move onto the next, train your horse in the order listed below


Only when you have compleated training in all of those in the list and NOT STAMINA you need to tacK up you horse which should be about 6-7 years old. By now you should deffinatly have all box items, as tub of grease runs out you will still need to put you horse in the box so don't worry if you still haven't found everything yet. I don't buy any flashy tack i useually buy the cheepest one for my horses as the more skills you horses have the more difficult comps you'll enter in making it even more challenging! Don't give your horses western tack just give the tack which is a 200e bridle and 600e saddle or if you all ready have some tack and don't wont to buy some just take it off one of your other horses and move it onto the one you blupping. Shoes are the same only get the ones that are 10e as there is no point in spending more than that. You can give wings or hep shoes if you want.


Only enter comps with 55% difficulty and LESS when your Bluping your horse unless you're entering speed races! At the moment these comps are just for the skills and bolding skills so use this scedual for the skill comps. There is no need to enter barrel races you can do them when your getting wins but for now they don't help the skills.
Please Note: you don't have to win these comps you get the skills for entering.

you can do 6 x-counry comps a day
you can do 8 show jumping comps a day and
you can do 3-5 speed races a day

salt stone / groom / carrot / 5 cross country comps / 30mins box / 30mins meadow / water / feed as needed / 1 counrty comp / turnip

salt stone / groom / carrot / 7 show jumping comps / 30mins box / 30mins meadow / water / feed as needed / 1 show jumping comp / turnip

salt stone / groom / carrot / 3-5 speed races / 30mins box / 30mins meadow / water / feed as needed / turnip

you probbally need to spend 4 months on each comp but im not too sure but move onto the next comp when you don't get any more skills from the one your doing or when a new skill is bolded, if you win thats a bonus. Your horse now has most of his skills, he should have about 45 blup+ and be about 7-8 years old, and have about 300- 400 skills. 5 of your skills should be bolded now.

you now need to enter lots of x-counry comps to get 20 wins i would enter about 30 at a time you can enter a few speed races, barrel races and show jumping aswell but best to magoritise in cross country. Follow this scedual for entering as many comps as you can.

salt stone / groom / carrot / as many comps as you can fit in down to 0% energy / 30mins box / 30mins meadow / water / feed as needed / some more comps down to 10% energy / turnip

So were it say to enter comps i would enter cross country as i said befor but as a day off or something enter some show jumping comps for a change. ONLY ENTER COMPS THAT ARE UNDER 55% DIFFICULTY EVEN IF THERES NO HORSES IN THE COMP YET. So once you have entered about 30 comps go and do something else for an hour then come back and see how many wins you have you should have won about 10-15, you don't want to enter too many hence the wait. Then enter another 15-20 comps if, unless you won 20. You win about 10 every 20 comps ish. Once you have won ANY 20 comps you must now go and train in stamina using the scedual for training above.
you should now have 100blup if not it will change on the next day for your horse (so if you age it will change) and now all your horses skills should be bolded.

You can now do wot you want with your horse. It should be about 10 years old, 12 max depending on how the comps went. If you did lessons inbetween it would be older unless you use water of youth then it would be 10 or younger. When your horse is blupped alway do 2 lessons a day and use a poc to do more lessons which by your horse is 30 it should have 700+skills.